La Tèrmica is a centre for interpreting the industrial past. The building itself was used to produce steam and electricity for one of the city’s main factories, the Roca Umbert textile works which was established in the municipality in 1876.

The space was built in 1952 to allow an independent supply of electricity, as constant cuts in electricity supply which were common at the time forced the factory to stop production. It contains two boilers, the second of which was still in used until the factory closed in 1993.

The mission of the interpretation centre is to conserve the industrial heritage, showcase it and raise awareness in society of energy and the environment.

After several years of works, including projects in different disciplines, the centre was opened to the public in November 2014.

The project to recover the Tèrmica is included within the recovery of the Roca Umbert factory which was established in 1877 and had a major economic impact on the city of Granollers.

The recovery project for this 20,000 square metre space contemplated different cultural uses for the different warehouses and La Tèrmica was conceptualised as a place for remembering the past.